Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Since it is December first and time to get in the Christmas mood I have decided to change up my blog!!

We had a great thanksgiving this year. My parents went to the lake house so we went to Kory's aunt's house. I didn't take my camera but we had a fun time eating and enjoying each others company. We had so much food it was crazy!! I cooked this year and was very proud of my self!! I made sweet potato casserole, corn casserole and banana nut bread for each family to take home. I made 9 loaves of bread in 2 days!!

My aunt Deede and I love to shop on Black Friday every year together but when the ads came out I didn't see anything I had to have. (Well I shouldn't say that Santa did make a nice little purchase for me so we didn't have to fight the crowds!!) My mom called from out of town and had some things she wanted me to look for if we were out and about. So my aunt calls about 9pm Thursday and says she wants to pick me up at 11:30pm to be at Toys r us. So I agree to go!! Let me give you the short version and say that at midnight there was already a line of about 500 people at our Toys R Us so we went to another one near by that had a line for about 800!! We didn't go there!! Best Buy also had a pretty long line at midnight so we decided to take a look around WalMart since they were open at midnight. Nothing went on sale till 5am so we waited around WalMart for 5 hours!!! It was actually lots of fun and my aunt and I stayed out till about 9am and got lots of things crossed off our lists.

My house is decorated with lots of decorations I made this year and I will post pics soon!! I am trying to be crafty before I have kids because I know once I do I probably won't have the time!!

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