Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The year isn't over yet

...and since it isn't I can still tell you about our Christmas!!

***This is a long post and contains no pictures just memories that will last forever!***

We celebrated for about 4 days straight!! Actually for about a week because we started with Christmas with my mom's side of the family the weekend before Christmas. I don't have a lot of pictures because I either forgot my camera, forgot the memory card or forgot to take pictures but those will be in a separate post!!

Christmas Eve's Eve we went to Kory's dad's house so we could have Christmas with his step siblings. We have never done this before and I am excited about another tradition that we have started. One of his step sisters has two little boys and we enjoyed hanging out and watching the boys play. Since they live out of state we don't get to see them often so we love when we get to hang out with them.

Christmas Eve started off very relaxing. Kory, his uncles and cousins started another new tradition... Golfing on Christmas Eve. So while he was out with the boys, I cleaned the house. It needed it bad!! I felt like we haven't slowed down since Thanksgiving. Then that afternoon we headed over to Kory's aunt's house for Christmas with his moms side of the family. It was fun but rushed since we were attending the Christmas Eve service. I actually did a mini children's sermon so I kind of had to be there!! After the service was over we went back to his aunt's and enjoyed playing games with the family.

Christmas Day we woke up and Christmas morning at our house. We had a great 2nd Christmas together!! This year Kory's mom, stepdad and brother came over for breakfast and to open presents. ( We started to alternate parents that come over for breakfast Christmas morning so they will all be happy when we have children!) After they left we headed to my parents to have Christmas with my family. The day didn't stop there...we then went to my aunt's for Christmas with my dad's side of the family.

Day after Christmas we went to Louisiana to visit my grandparents. That wrapped up our Christmas and we enjoyed ever minute of it with our family but we are good that it over!!

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