Monday, December 29, 2008

Sorry it has been a while......

Sorry it has been a while since the last post so this is going to be a long one to include everything that has been going on!!

First...Merry Christmas from the Cureton's plus Bailey!

We had a Christmas party at our house for friends from college that live in the Houston area. I made dinner and then we played games and had fun just like we used to do in college. I didn't get many pictures but is here is one of some of us girls!

Mom and I had our annual bake day! We made goodies for about 5 hours! We had lots of fun plus Audrey (Keith's girlfriend) and Emily (Kyle's girlfriend) joined in the fun this year. Here a few captured moments!!

Then came Christmas....our first one as a married couple and our 8th on together since we have been dating!! It was busy but we had lots of fun. It started Christmas Eve with Kory's mom's side of the family. We went to his aunt's house and had dinner and then played games and opened presents. Here a few pictures from the night. I got this really cute picture frame that I will post pictures of later once I get it on the wall above my buffet table.

Then Santa came!!! Kory and I woke up Christmas morning and had Christmas together then my parents and brothers came over for Breakfast. We are going to start a new tradition because we know that as soon as we start having kids our parents area all going to want to come over so we are going to rotate whose parents come over Christmas morning to have breakfast together. Once my parents left we start our rotation through out Deer Park. First Kory's Dad's house, then his mom's house then to my aunt's house. It was a busy day but we had lots of fun! We both had a great Christmas! Some things I (Erin) got were GPS, Ipod touch, Nintendo DS, clothes, new bible, brighton jewlery and lots more. Kory got things for his new pistol, golf stuff, clothes, power washer and much more. We each got something special..... I susprised Kory with a gun safe that he has been wanting forever!! Kory suprised me with ticket to go see O a Cirgue De Sol show and dinner at Belliago when we go to Vegas later this month. We had a great Christmas together and also enjoyed the few days we had off. Here are pictures from Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

So today in Deer Park/Houston it....SNOWED!!!! I think that as long as I have lived in Deer Park (which is my whole life) it has only snowed 3 times! I actually kind of had my doubts when people at church were saying that it was going to snow. I finally walked outside with one of the kids and there it was...Snowing!! The kids kept saying "Mrs. Erin there are millions of pieces of snow on your car!" They were so excited!! Once I got home Kory and I snatched a few pictures and here the are!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I am totally new to this and trying to figure out how these things work! Check back and I will keep you posted!