Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hubby & Puppy

I just had to post this. I was doing things around the house the other night and when I walked into the bedroom this is what I saw! Since my camera is always near by I snatched a photo!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Happening.......

Lots of things have been happening in our lives since the last post! First we had a great weekend in Vegas celebrating Adam's birthday. We left early Friday morning and spent ALL day enjoying the city and spending lots of money! We stayed at Harrah's since it was kind of in the middle. We would walk the strip and take a look in each casino. Bev and I took a stroll through the Forum Shops. I absolutely loved that!! We would meet up with the group here and there since there were 8 of us. But in the middle of the afternoon a little surprise showed up in Vegas.....Aunt Barbara! We happened to be in Cesar's Palace when she and a friend came walking around the corner. Some other highlights of the weekend were.....dinner at Emeril's in MGM, Cirque de Sol O, dinner at the Prime Steak House. We enjoyed the weekend but are already talking about taking a trip back. Any one want to join us?!?! Pictures from Vegas are on the other camera and I haven't downloaded those pictures yet so those will be posted later.

Then we came back to reality........WORK!!

Kory started his office job this past week. He switched jobs to Lockwood in October but has been in the warehouse since. He is excited to actually move inside!

Thursday I attended Girls Night Out at Champion Forest Baptist Church with Proverbs 31 ministries. It was a great time for a couple of us girls including my mom and aunt to take a little trip and enjoy ourselves. There was great worship music and testimonials along with Kate Gosselin fro John & Kate plus 8. It was lots of fun! Here are a few snap shots!

Brittany, Me & Amanda

Aunt Deedee, Me & Mom

Girl talk at the end with Kate

Friday Kory started inventory at work! That meant from Friday- Sunday he was at work at least from 7a-7p and even sometimes longer. So for me that means I was on my own!! Friday I stopped by at little surprise party for Kory's Aunt Barbara and then went to a scrapbook class. Abbie, Aunt Deedee and myself attended and had lots of fun! Look at these cute projects we made!!

Saturday I went to the mall with my parents and then came home and CLEANED! I even dusted the baseboards. It was just me and Bailey so we just hung out and watch The Women.

Sunday I went to church, lunch with the parents and friends and then ended up back at home with kids!! Some precious little girls asked to come to my house and play.(There dad works with Kory so he had been doing inventory all weekend and they wanted to get out!!) I warned them that I didn't have any kid toys beside a Wii so we stopped by their house to grab some board games, books and driving wheels for the Wii since we only have one. We got home changed clothes and went to the park first and took Bailey on a walk. We then came home played Guitar Hero & Mario Kart for about 2 hours before I took them home.

Other than that we are back to normal just working and spending time together. I will try and post again soon. I am going to try to work on a project this weekend and I will post pictures.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm addicted......

to Nintendo DS!! I love it!

I know that it may sound funny and that you think that it is just a toy for little kids but it isn't! For Christmas I got Brain Age 2 for the DS. Kory and I love playing before we go to bed every night. You can only test your brain age once a day so it limits the amount of time you can actually play. For the record, Kory's brain age is less than mine but I have to tell you that he cheats! This weekend I had to return a Christmas present back to Best Buy and I decided to get myself a new game for the DS. (I also wanted a new game to play on the plane to Vegas!) I got Super Marion Brothers and I can't put it down! It is so much fun!! I feel like a little kid again! So if you ever have the chance to play a DS you should try it out and see how much fun you can have!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!!

So yesterday we celebrated Adam's (Kory's Brother) 21st birthday. Well we partial celebrated because next weekend we are actually going to Vegas to celebrate there too! Last night we went to Dave & Busters in Houston! Kory, I, Bev, Jerry, Uncle Butch, Aunt Margaret, Reagan , Adam and his girlfriend Chelsea went and had dinner at D&B then played games!! It was lots of fun and here are a few pictures from the night!

We played shuffle board.......

Me & Kory won!

Kory & Adam shooting some hoops!
They are very competitive brothers and I believe on this one Adam won!

The guys playing a Nascar game. I believe this is right before Kory won and Adam gave up before the game was even over because he didn't win!

This is me trying to stop Kory and Adam from cheating!

Happy 21st Birthday Adam!