Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Since I've been gone.....

Actually I didn't go anywhere, I have just been a little busy and haven't kept up with my blog. So here is an overview of what has been going on in the last month. ( I took lots of pictures because I did have high hopes to blog a lot!)

First, a good friend and college roommate of mine got married!! Actually since the last time I posted we had her bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding. Here a few pictures to capture those moments. It was lots of fine seeing friends we haven't seen since we graduated and she married one of Kory's college roommates!!
Here is the bride getting her pedicure!

Some pictures of us at lunch

The bride, Nicole (She blogs too!)

Next we celebrated Easter. My parents were out of town so after church we went to Kory's Aunts house and had a nice Easter lunch and hid eggs for the "kids", the 12 year old!! It was raining outside so the boys hid them inside and I took pictures! Here are a few....

Take note of where the boys hid the eggs......

I am still working on getting him to SMILE in pictures

After Easter came a monsoon for 2 weekends in a row in Houston. Kory and I knew it was going to rain so we decided to stay inside all day and hang out. Around one o'clock Kory's dad called and asked if we had looked outside. We had been watching it rain in the backyard but hadn't looked in the front and when we did this is what we saw......

This was the water in our garage. Bailey just wanted to play in it!

What is a girl supposed to do when it is flooding outside besides grab her pink rainboots and her camera!!!

During the time that I have been away I helped host a baby shower for my cousin, Abbie and Baby Emma. It was a great time with 50 + people loving on Abbie and Baby Emma. Here area few pictures from her shower.

Some of the shower decor

This the diaper cake my mom and I made.
All the girls in the family

That wraps up a lot of what has been going on the the past month. Sorry that it has taken me a while to catch up on things but check back because I am going to be updating more often thanks to Kelly and her home tour. I missed last week but I will be catching up tomorrow so come check it out!

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