Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where have I been.....

Don't worry I didn't go anywhere I have just been a little busy!! So to catch you up on a few things......

First I am in my second week of boot camp. I love it!! After the first week I wasn't able to walk but that is all my fault since I haven't been working out regularly! It has been raining almost every morning but that hasn't stopped us. We still do everything like normal even if we get a little wet because we are outside in a parking lot and have no access indoors. I have already told Kory that I am looking forward to starting the next month and I am going to challenge myself to go more than 3 days a week!

Since I posted last we celebrated our first Valentines as a married couple! This is defiantly not our first together it was more like our 8th but our first as a married couple! I will tell you we didn't do anything too exciting and I am starting to think we are acting a lot like old people! I have no pictures to post of the gift I got (we got it as a joint gift) but I will hopefully post some soon. Don't get too excited because it was only a new backdoor!!! We desperately needs a new backdoor. I will take pictures of the old and new and you can tell for yourself. But what topped it off was the dog was able to push the door open the other day while we were at work, setting the alarm off and sending the police to our house. It was time we got a new one! And instead of going to dinner I also cooked and we enjoyed a nice evening to ourselves at home!

I am really excited for tonight because a group of girls is going to see Legally Blonde on Broadway! I will defiantly take pictures and post them later!!

( I promise to post pictures this weekend...Kory has a very busy Saturday so that leaves me some tine to myself!!)

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