Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just some pics

So here are some pictures to sum up what has been going on.

This was my weekend project a couple of weeks ago. I had been wanting a buffet table because I need more storage. My kitchen isn't very big and I have lots of things!! My aunt remodeled not to long ago and was going to get rid of this piece. I loved it because it had just wanted I wanted... tons of storage! I had been shopping around and I actually noticed apiece that I loved because of the way it was painted but it was expensive. So I took on the task myself!! Here is what it started out looking like.....

And here it is after a little sanding, kills, paint and antique glaze.....
I absolutely love it!! I have already added some more decorations but once it is finished I will take a final photo for you to see!

A couple of nights ago some girls ( 8 of us) got together and had a Girls Night Out! We had dinner and then watched Legally Blonde on Broadway!! It was so much fun and of course everything was PINK!!! Here was one of the only pictures I got at that night. Sorry it looks bad but this was the end of the show and it was like 11pm!!
Below is a picture of Audrey (Keith's girlfriend) and I and our coordinating jackets!! Aren't they so adorable?!?!? If you can't tell they are actually the same jacket just one is reversed....yes 2 jackets in one! I absolutely love mine!! Now I am looking for the perfect pair of pink heels to match!

That is all I have for now but I will be back to post soon! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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