Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our little one

Here are some updated pictures of our little one. So I have been a little absent but this little one has sucked out every bit of energy out of me. I usually will come home from work, fall asleep on the couch until Kory walks in the door and then I try to get up and cook something for dinner. I am sure you have noticed a drop in my Meal Planning Mondays and it is because I can't keep up!! I have been very blessed and haven't got sick but I am starting to think that draining all my energy may be just as bad. But I am trying to get better so keep checking back.

I have been very lucky and have a great OB! I have had an ultrasound at each appointment so far! Here are some of the pictures!!

Week 12:
Strong heartbeat. It was crazy to see how much it has gown in 12 weeks. Kory went to the appointment with me and it was so much fun having him there sharing these moments together.

Week 16:
We went in for a regular appointment and actually got to sneak a look at our little one. My OB said she would send us back to see if we could see the sex since I was 16 weeks. It was a quick ultrasound but she found the sex fast. I had a strong feeling it was a boy and have felt that way for many weeks. Kory has felt the same way until the last week because he had a dream it was a girl. And it was a......

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