Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm addicted......

to Nintendo DS!! I love it!

I know that it may sound funny and that you think that it is just a toy for little kids but it isn't! For Christmas I got Brain Age 2 for the DS. Kory and I love playing before we go to bed every night. You can only test your brain age once a day so it limits the amount of time you can actually play. For the record, Kory's brain age is less than mine but I have to tell you that he cheats! This weekend I had to return a Christmas present back to Best Buy and I decided to get myself a new game for the DS. (I also wanted a new game to play on the plane to Vegas!) I got Super Marion Brothers and I can't put it down! It is so much fun!! I feel like a little kid again! So if you ever have the chance to play a DS you should try it out and see how much fun you can have!

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The Links said...

How funny! That's how I am with our Wii. I can't stop playing. I played for an hour last night when I had a ton of other things I needed to get done.